Dear BM

Dear BM,

Why is it so difficult to get you to care about your children?

Why do you have to be reminded on an almost nightly basis to check for homework?

Why are the kids dirty and smelly every single time they come from there?

Why do they ask us when you are going to get better and be less “crazy”?

Why can’t you purchase the basic necessities to keep them clean and healthy but you can buy expensive plates of seafood and flaunt it in pictures?

Why is wine a necessity to you but not shampoo/conditioner?

Why does your daughter beg me to send shampoo and conditioner to your house so she can feel clean every day?

Why when asked if he uses soap to wash at Mom’s after crying that people make fun of him in school does he say there is none in the shower?

Why can’t you take care of them?

Why is this such a fight always?

Why do I need to go to bed every single night sad and scared for them when they aren’t even mine to have to worry about?



Angry (almost) SM

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