Blueberries on his Face

Your child struggling is the worst. It’s so hard to see them have so many issues and anxiety over things. Last year, my oldest child had a rough transition into school and it was a battle all year long. He woke up with tummy aches every single morning and had nothing nice to say about it when he got home. This year is a complete difference and transformation from last year. I am not sure if it is just old hat for him now or if the school he’s in makes a difference- could be both!

This year, however, we are battling with a different child’s struggles. Now, he struggled last year too but it was more mild or well hidden than the issues this year. His issues are behavior both in and outside of school and they are progressively getting worse and worse. From not bringing home assignments and vital pieces of school work/supplies to smearing blueberries all over his face to make the other kids laugh we feel like we are in over our heads.

His behavior feels as though it could be helped if we had cooperation from his other parent and since we don’t get any of that, it is even more difficult to correct. The teacher sends sometimes weekly emails home about her feelings of being stuck and unable to help him. He is a constant disruption to the class. We spend every day after school and on the weekends trying to teach him the habits he needs to go off in the world only to have it all cancelled out over a night at Mom’s house.

Mom is the Disneyland parent and ALWAYS has been. It’s a free for all over there and the rest of us are suffering so badly. But the one that is suffering the most is this child who can’t understand why he keeps getting in trouble everywhere and then can be perfect at Mom’s. Well, my dear boy, that is because instead of parenting you, you are being put in front of a tablet or a video game console where you can zone out of reality for hours and she sees a little angel.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, we parents are attempting to build proper habits, common sense, motivation, and focus in 50% parenting time.

So, for now we keep the faith and walk the uphill battle knowing that the children, the teachers, and the therapists know who is really committed to helping this child succeed. We will prevail over the lazy and neglectfulness and he WILL succeed!

Look out: we are raising some super amazing children to be productive members of society and NOTHING/NOONE will stand in our way!!

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