We are the proud owner of a few ducks. “Ducks?” you might ask.  How does one go about becoming the owner of ducks…

When we moved into our new home on the lake we immediately noticed that there was an abundance of wildlife. At any moment you can look out onto the water and see some sort of wildlife creature out and about, swimming, or flying around. The conversation came up between The Queen and Kid Flash on a day that I had run to the store with the Princess.

“You need to come right home after the s tore… We have something we need to talk about.” I always think of the worst case scenario when things like that come up. So we hurried home and were excitedly greeted with talk of getting some baby ducks.  We did a little research and the next thing I knew we were on our way to a Tractor Supply Store to take a look at the baby ducks.

I took some scrap pieces of wood from the garage and built a little habitat-of-sorts for them.  Basically looked like a bookcase without any shelves, except it is on it’s back so the sides work as walls to keep the little guys in. We kept it filled with wood chips, food and water.

Once they got a little bigger, and the temperature outside was more stable, we moved them to the greenhouse that is built off the back of our garage. They started out there with bedding, food and water, and have since learned to forage for their own food and find their own water. They just come home at the end of the night and sleep, and then go off on adventures throughout the day.  They are a fun animal to have around the yard, they don’t make (too much of) a mess, are very loyal, good around the other pets and kids, and might even someday produce some eggs for us to eat…

Take a look at them here:


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