Under the weather (A thank you post)

I have a cold. It started last night with a dry scratchy throat. Upgraded to a stuffed up nose and head and by this morning I was dizzy and exhausted all the time.

I came home from work and basically ended up on the couch. I could barely keep my eyes open. No energy at all to make dinner or really do anything at all.

My queen proceeded to order pizzas from the boys haircut appointment. Then when she got home we all had dinner and I slowly started to take over the couch.

I dozed off to the sound of my queen taking the dog out for his evening walk and I slept soundly the entire time she was gone. Then as she got back in the house she proceeded to get the kids to bed.

As I was laying on the couch I couldn’t help but feel better. Feel comforted. It makes such a difference in the world to have someone that loves you so much that they will mix up the entire household routine to make sure I feel comfortable. I love you my queen. You are such an amazing woman. I can’t imagine my life without you. ❤️

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